Commercial Fire Protection Systems, Applications, and Types

Everything to Know About Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

commercial fire suppression
Commercial fire protection systems are crucial for keeping your business and everyone on its premises safe. You can choose a system with the right design and applications with proper knowledge of these systems.

Suppose you need clarification about the different types and applications of a commercial fire protection system beyond the standard fire alarm. In that case, there is no need to worry. This article covers everything you should know about commercial fire protection systems to keep your business secure.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are crucial for commercial fire protection. Colorado businesses need high-quality solutions to remain safe and secure. Sprinkler systems help contain fires until help arrives and sometimes put out the fire entirely. Below are brief explanations of each sprinkler system and its main applications and benefits.

  • Dry pipes: these systems are filled with nitrogen or air and activated when a fire breaks out. Water is released into the pipes to control the fire. These systems are ideal for any space in your business with freezing temperatures.
  • Pre-action: these sprinkler systems hold water back with a pre-action valve that opens when a fire is detected. This system is perfect if your business deals with sensitive and costly equipment.
  • Foam water: foam water systems combine water and a foam concentrate that extinguishes fires when detected. This system is best for you if your business handles solvent fires involving gas or alcohol.
  • Wet pipe: these systems hold water in overhead pipes and discharge water when a fire activates the sprinkler.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential for commercial fire protection. Denver businesses can get inspection, repair, and installation services for their fire extinguishers with Complete Fire Protection. It is required that businesses receive annual inspections of their fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers are essential because they require minimal training, meaning anyone in your business can quickly learn how to use them in an emergency. Fire extinguishers are categorized by class of fire and a symbol for different types of fires, as described below.

  • A: for ordinary, solid combustibles
  • B: for flammable liquids and gases
  • C: for live electrical equipment
  • D: for combustible metals
  • K: for oils and fats

Backflow Systems

fire backflow protection system is essential to avoid any possibility of pollutants caused by your sprinkler water line. These systems ensure public water supplies are safe and healthy and are required to prevent potentially harmful water contamination. Backflow systems keep your fire sprinkler from flowing into the public water line, causing cross-contamination.

The primary types of backflow systems include: reduced air pressure backflows, double-check backflow devices, Pressure Vacum Breaker (PVB) devices, and Air Gaps devices.

Fire Suppression System

commercial fire suppression system is essential to slow how fast a fire spreads in your business. These systems help control and extinguish fires on your property by using gases, chemicals, or foam suppression agents instead of water. Fire suppression systems are essential for businesses such as electronic manufacturers that would have equipment destroyed with a water system.

The different types of fire or hood suppression systems that Complete Fire Protection inspects include ANSUL, Pyro Chem, and Range Guard.

How Complete Fire Protection Protects Colorado Businesses

Complete Fire Protection serves businesses in Colorado by providing advanced solutions for fire protection and suppression. Complete Fire Protection has a team of licensed technicians certified for helping businesses with fire alarms, sprinklers, hood suppression, extinguisher, and backflow systems.

The experts at Complete Fire Protection offer inspection, maintenance, and installation services for commercial fire suppression systems at reduced rates with its service contract. Contact the team at Complete Fire Protection today to get a free estimate on all your commercial fire suppression needs.