Fire Prevention Month 2021

October is here, which means it’s Fire Prevention Month!  The week is October 3rd – 9th and it promotes protection over your family and home by raising awareness about fire safety. The National Fire Protection Association titled the 2nd week of October National Fire Protection Week which happened in 1922. This was to salute the 1871 Great Fire in Chicago. Nowadays, we honor Fire Prevention Month and Week by raising fire safety awareness and educating communities, families, and students. It’s our duty to make sure the Colorado community is very aware of this issue. During the month of October, fire departments encourage and educate their loved ones and communities to practice safety in case a fire strikes. 


Learn the Sound of Safety.” is the campaign title for NFPA for 2021. At Complete Fire, we are honored to support this year’s team and mission. Complete Fire urges families to protect their whole home for this year’s Fire Safety Month with “ Safety You Can Trust.” Complete Fire is a trusted brand that offers homeowners fire safety equipment and products since 1992. Set up a fire extinguisher for your home, as well installing carbon and smoke monoxide alarms. A home emergency can happen at any moment, this is why Complete Fire is committed to helping protect what matters.    

  Protect Your Home 

Complete Fire has been serving and protecting homes since 1992. Have your family protected and prepared for this year’s Fire Prevention Month and Week which we urge you to practice. The first line of defense for fire protection is having a functioning alarm be installed.  These alarms work around the clock offering early alerts for your family can be alerted and have time to safely escape from any harmful fires or smoke.  CO and smoke alarms should be placed outside or inside each bedroom, including the basement, and on any level of the home. Every level of the home should also have a fire extinguisher, especially in the garage and kitchen. 


Take this time to have a discussion about the importance of fire safety with your loved ones. It might sound scary having to talk about this topic to your children, but this will give comfort, confidence and preparedness in the time of an emergency.  To best aid you, we created these additional resources to point out fire safety to your kids. 


This month is the perfect time to talk and educate with your family about the importance of fire safety.  This includes how to escape route planning, how to use a fire extinguisher, upgrading to 10-year sealed battery alarms or changing the batteries. 

  • The #1 cause of home fire is unattended cooking 
  • Having an escape plan is important and only 43% of homeowners have
  • CO alarms is only setup in 47% in households today
  • 60% of CO and smoke alarms are not being tested 
  • The #1 cause of accidental poisoning is Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Only have of the population have an escape plan
  • Homes with no fire alarm systems resulted 3/5 fire deaths