How To Have A Safe, Fire-Proof Christmas

It cannot be stressed enough how vital fire safety is, especially during the holidays. This time of year is all about having a peaceful, joyous celebration and making sure nothing disrupts the carefree family get-together. with a fire-proof christmas. Imagine a safe and warm celebration, but with the right conditions. We will show you what you can do for Christmas fire safety to prevent such unpleasant events.

Fire-Proof Christmas

Be Cautious Around The Tree

The first thing to consider is the Advent wreath. As Christmas approaches, it dries out and the first candles become shorter, so the wreath can easily catch fire. The most important rule is to never leave the wreath unattended and to keep it burning only as long as someone is around.

Do not place candles on the Christmas tree or, if you insist on placing it carefully, any flammable ornaments near it. Once the tree is dry, do not light candles and never leave them unattended. Do not allow children to light candles or sparklers by themselves and educate them about fire safety. As an alternative, you can use LED-lighting candles that do not produce any heat.

Fire-Proof Christmas

However, it is advisable to purchase a Christmas tree with water in the base and replenish the missing water from the base daily. Pinewood is less flammable if it does not dry out quickly. If you choose artificial pine, make sure that it is not flammable. After unwrapping the gifts, collect the boxes, ribbons, and wrapping paper and throw them away instead of piling them up.

Having A Fire-Proof Christmas, Classics With Care

Hanging a string of lights instead of a candle on the Christmas tree is a better solution, but it could also be dangerous. Before buying, make sure that the product has been tested, otherwise, it is better to leave it in the store. If you are reusing last year’s lighting, it is a good idea to check the light sources before you put them on the tree so that you don’t have to replace the faulty ones later.

It is advisable to place the tree near an electrical outlet, as an overloaded or broken extension cord is another source of danger. 

The same goes for light bulbs, which you should unplug before going to bed or when leaving the home. For Christmas fire safety, always turn off light bulbs and electrical decorations before leaving the house or going to bed!

Kitchen Practices

The kitchen also has many hazards. First, watch the stove – don’t leave food unattended! The most common cause of kitchen fires is grease or oil. If it catches fire, put the lid on because the lack of oxygen will put out the fire.

Wait until it cools down and only then start cleaning up. Never try to pour water on burning oil out of panic: The splashed fat will set the kitchen and even the whole apartment on fire in no time.

Fire-Proof Christmas

Christmas doesn’t always have to be flashy and colorful. Simple and natural decorations provide a clean look and a festive coziness, and you should also pay attention to fire safety. We hope that with these tips you’ll have a safe vacation. For more information and tips about christmas fire safety, visit the Complete Fire website or give us a call – we’re always happy to help.