Backflow Systems


All backflow devices are inspected annually per all water districts. Complete Fire protection specializes in inspections of ALL types of backflow devices. There are reduced pressure backflows, doublecheck backflow devices, Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) backflow devices and Air Gaps. The different types of devices that we inspect include but not limited to WATTS, AMES, WILKINS, WATTS, CONBRACO, HERSEY, etc... We inspect and verify operation of the backflow devices to ensure compliance with local water districts.  Annual reports are delivered to our customers and water departments right after the inspections have been completed.

Service & Maintenance:

Complete Fire Protection offers 24/7 on call service professionals to test and maintain backflow devices with local and federal standards. We can perform maintenance and repairs for ALL backflow devices. Most devices need immediate attention to stay compliant with local water districts. Backflow devices are vital to ensure public water supplies. They are required to prevent disastrous water contaminations. These devices provide critical water safety. It is of the most upmost importance to ensure their reliability.



Complete fire Protection can install backflow devices to meet any fire sprinkler system. From small projects to large installations, we can provide the design, engineering, labor and materials for all of our projects. This ensures a smooth installation process from the beginning to the end. The entire project is handled in-house by our certified designers to the certified technicians.