Backflow Systems Inspections

BackflowIn Colorado, in order to be compliant with the state's fire code, comprehensive inspections of your building's backflow system are required, often annually, to ensure their continued proper function and preparedness. At Complete Fire, we offer routine checkups and maintenance (if required) on all commercial backflow systems that are compliant with Colorado's fire code requirements.

State law also necessitates that certification, if earned, must be reported to the proper water authorities as soon as testing reaches completion. At Complete Fire, we submit your results to your respective water authority as soon as we conclude our testing and necessary repairs, no need for you to go through the submission process yourself. Different jurisdictions have different backflow and fire protection inspection requirements, so please check with the proper authorities to confirm what inspections are needed, and at what interval your jurisdiction requires inspections. Complete Fire recommends you conduct an inspection of your systems annually, however you may also choose to inspect based on your jurisdiction's required intervals instead. Any questions on the specifics of your inspections should be directed toward your local water authority.

Our inspections are comprehensive and cover all areas of your fire protection and backflow systems, ensuring peak performance for when your fire systems are finally needed. We test and certify all types of devices whether it’s on fire sprinkler systems, domestic water supplies, irrigation systems, and any other device used for isolation within a building.

All devices are tested for proper pressure relief of backflow checks, relief valves, correct air gaps, and proper placement for either containment or isolation.

BackflowRoutine Device Checks

We check the following devices throughout your backflow system to ensure each is in working order and ready in case they're needed:

  • Reduced pressure devices
  • Doublecheck devices
  • Pressure vacuum devices

System Configuration Checks

Complete Fire will ensure your systems are fully functional, and also that they are configured for effective containment or isolation within the bounds of your building.

  • Pressure relief capabilities of backflow valves are checked.
  • The relief valves themselves are checked for proper pressure release potential.
  • Air gaps are checked for correct calibration.
  • Placement of the nodes are checked for proper placement, such that they're positioned to properly isolate or contain, depending on your building's needs.