Diesel and Electric Powered Fire Pumps Inspections

Diesel Powered Fire Pumps and Electric Powered Fire Pumps Annually The annual flow test of the fire pump assembly (pump, driver, controller, and transfer switch, if provided) shall be performed to determine its ability to continue to attain satisfactory performance at shutoff, rated, and peak loads. All alarms shall operate satisfactorily. All valves in the suction line shall be checked to assure that they are fully open. The annual test shall be performed by personnel trained in the operation of the fire pump. Test results shall be recorded.
Diesel and Electric Fire Pumps Weekly The fire pump unit shall be operated weekly and at least one start shall be accomplished by reducing the water pressure. This may be done with a test drain on the sensing line or with flow from the fire protection system.
Diesel Powered Fire Pumps Weekly Engines shall be started no less than once a week and run for no less than 30 minutes to attain normal running temperature. They shall run smoothly at rated speed.
Electric Powered Fire Pumps Weekly Engines shall be run weekly until rated R.P.M. is reached.