Fire Alarm Monitoring

With Complete Fire Protection Alarm Monitoring, you have someone there for you 365 days a year. Our personnel will continuously monitor your property, day and night. Whether you are on-site or away, you’ll know that we will respond quickly if an alarm is tripped. When that happens, we contact first responders to have the appropriate emergency services dispatched immediately.

Our central station personnel will continuously monitor your property, day and night. Whether you are on-site or away, you’ll know that we will respond quickly if an alarm is triggered, getting the proper emergency services dispatched, potentially saving lives, and preventing the loss of valuable assets. Even if your business is unoccupied, help will be on the way.

You’ll get notified when there’s any danger from smoke or fire in the building. All sensors are connected to the alarm panel which sends a signal to Complete Fire monitoring centers.  When our monitoring center receives a signal, you have an alerted operator team who will work with you to determine the next steps, and if necessary, dispatch the proper authorities. This immediate response can make the difference in saving lives and valuable business assets when fire danger is present.


Fire Alarm Monitoring for any kind of Fire Alarm-Related emergencies.

Complete Fire Protection Services monitors for the following signals:

Sprinkler Monitoring: When your fire sprinkler system has been tampered with or modified we will get a notification and take steps to correct the problem.

Fire Alarm: We will be notified when your fire alarms detect smoke or fire and dispatch will respond immediately.

Fire Monitoring System Problems: We are notified of any decreased performance or required maintenance for your alarm system to maintain safety and functionality. We also receive notifications when we notice that a zone of the building’s fire protection system needs to be reset or has been disabled. We also monitor electrical problems in our system from power failures to low batteries to ensure you are always safe and protected.

These are just some of the many things we look for when monitoring your fire alarm system, contact our sales team with any questions.

Complete Fire’s monitoring service is a full-service UL-listed fire alarm company for fire alarm protection. For over 70 years UL has been providing the certifications for credible fire protection systems. This proves the companies who own these certifications are continuously meeting compliance requirements with the appropriate standards and codes. At Complete fire Protection, our monitoring center has always been held up to the latest regulations and compliant, ensuring your business is protected and safe.

Complete Fire's monitoring center keeps Colorado safe with our monitoring systems. Our fire monitoring systems are connected digitally but transmitted to offer you an accurate, quick, and reliable response. We’ll be there for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day! Make sure you are protected from all types of fire-related emergencies with our fire alarm monitoring.

Complete Fire Protection is the best choice for system monitoring because we offer services that can’t be matched by our competitors. We’ve been recognized for our outstanding performance, and we’re eager to show you why there’s no better choice for security system monitoring in Colorado, give us a call today!