Complete Fire Protection Services


Any fire alarm system deficiency or repairs can be scheduled directly with our office. CFP is capable of servicing ALL fire alarm system no matter the size or system manufacture. Services and repairs can be performed in a timely manner to keep all of the fire life safety systems functional and compliant with fire codes. Many repairs and services may include repairs to the fire alarm panel, dialers, batteries, smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, wiring, ground faults, monitoring issues, etc....


Any deficiencies from inspections or any immediate repairs that need to be performed can be completed by CFP. We service all types of systems and any equipment that is a part of any fire sprinkler system. This includes wet fire sprinkler systems, dry-pipe systems, standpipes both dry and wet, anti-freeze systems, fire pumps, per-action systems, deluge systems, etc… Repairs can be leaking sprinkler heads, broken piping, corroded piping or fittings, reset dry-pip valves, maintenance and repair of fire pump and fire pump controllers, gauge replacements, repair of frozen piping or sprinkler heads, etc….


Deficiencies from inspections or emergency system discharges can be handled by our office for immediate action. We can service, maintain, or repair ANY type of system or ANY type of manufacture. This includes the 12 year hydrostatic testing of system cylinders and regulators, recharging of systems after discharge, remodel of system to accommodate new appliance layout, upgrading old dry chemical systems to meet UL300 standards, and failing detection lines, pull station lines, and gas shut-off lines.


Fire extinguishers may need to be serviced for 12 year hydrostatic testing, 5 year hydrostatic testing, 6 year maintenance, or recharging. CFP provide a wide range of fire extinguishers services. We perform ALL of these service in-house. We service ALL types and ALL manufactures.


Water authorities require that backflow devices that require repairs be performed immediately. CFP can provide these repairs on ALL types of devices no matter the size of manufacturer. These devices can be found on fire sprinkler systems, domestic water supplies, irrigation systems, and isolation devices. There services and repairs can be performed immediately to ensure that all backflows are 100% functional at all times. Once these services are performed we notify the authorities immediately.

Call our office to make any of the above repairs or maintenance.